Whats Happening ?

Even more boat turning!

Now the the bitumastic paint  on the bottom of the paddle boat has dried Trevor and Adrian set about turning it from upside down to the right way up.  Using a block and tackle they eventually manage to get the boat turned onto its side but then have to alternately jack  up the bow and stern to re-arrange the trestles the boat is resting on in order to maintain its  stability.  They are later joined by Carol and Barry.  Barry gives his attention to fixing large bolts through the bottom of the tub-boat to finally anchor the knees in place while Carol lends a hand to  boat turning.  Eventually the paddle boat is safely and gently manoeuvred back onto its bottom.   Work can now begin to reinstate all its mechanisms.

After lunch Barry, Trevor and Adrian devote their attention to re-attaching the paddle drive to the paddle boat.  Adrian uses the Kubota tractor to pick up the paddle drive which is quite heavy and extremely awkward while Trevor and Barry guide the drive shaft through a hole in the centre of the bow of the boat.  Carol in the meantime is concentrating on completing caulking the hull of the tub-boat.  After a bit of pushing and shoving the drive shaft slides home and the paddle mechanism can be bolted on.  It is really exciting to see both boats making such good progress.