Whats Happening ?

Finger in the dyke?

Alistair and Adrian spend a lot of time considering how best to stop leaks between the heel posts and the quoin stones in the inner gates.  Alistair brought a sample of expanded neoprene rubber which he thought may have been suitable to form of gasket.  After cutting the neoprene to various wedge-shapes they decide this isn’t going to work satisfactorily and think of alternatives.

A wedge of marine-grade plywood running the height  of each gate attached where the heel posts meet the quoin stones may be the answer.  This wedge could easily be ground to the shape of the wall using coarse glass-paper on an angle-grinder.  More thought is required!

Later Norman arrives and since no work is scheduled Alistair gives him his first lesson in crane operations.

As usual Daisy, Alistair’s Labrador, assists.