Whats Happening ?

Flat batteries, grease and stone.

Having spent the previous day sawing some large tree trunks into usable sections, there are only a couple of large pieces remaining which have been left for another time.  However, as is always the case, they are not in a very convenient place so Trevor and Adrian decide to move them.  The crane is required but once again the batteries need the extra ‘umph’ of the the booster before the engine will fire up.  In a short time the trunks are relocated to another place which doubtless will prove to be the wrong place later on but never mind!  Adrian parks the crane and Trevor begins to investigate its electrics to try and find why the batteries are not being recharged when the engine is running. While he is removing covers to alternators, checking drive belts, prodding various things with his electric meter gauge and other such magic that Adrian doesn’t understand, he sets about greasing the undercarriage of the crane. The grease-gun is found to be empty but after searching the inside of the storage shed two new cartridges of grease are discovered so he gets on with the messy job.  Unfortunately several of the nipples in the track jockey wheels refuse to accept grease despite a considerable amount of pressure being applied to the gun.  These nipples will need removing at some future time and the bearings checking.  Hopefully it is just that the ball-bearings inside the grease nipples are choked with dirt rather than the bearings being seized. Having found no obvious reason as to why the crane’s engine is not recharging the batteries, Trevor disconnects both of them and Adrian removes them to the shed where they are put on charge from the mains. Trevor continues checking electrical connections and circuitry while Adrian returns to what he’s good at  – clearing damaged walls of debris and overburden, and lifting ‘ hevvy fings’! The day’s activities have been nothing dramatic but once again have proved to be profitable and constructive.