Whats Happening ?

Flipping boats and fallen walls.

Adrian has asked John to be Lift Master today to oversee the turning over of the tub-boat base.  While Adrian starts the crane and warms the clutches, John and Trevor sort out  lifting strops and arrange them around the base in such a way as to lift it from one side, off the platform .  Bob and Carol clear surplus timber stacked inside the shed outside to allow plenty of room to move.  Then, following John’s directions, Adrian hoists the base into the air, moves the crane backwards slightly whilst lowering the base and places it gently back onto the platform the right way up. The exercise is completed very easily and quickly.  The gang give the base a gentle push and it very obligingly rolls back under the roof of its shelter.  It is decided to leave the rollers and planks under the boat inside the shed since they will; be need again when the boat is finished but the platform outside is quickly dismantled and cleared away.  John returns home to see to other matters.

Adrian drives the crane out of the way, to the other end of the site while in preparation for the next stage of the build, Carol and Bob bring the pre-cut ribs and corner posts from the other shed where they have been stored and stack them next to the base.  The ribs and corner posts need trimming before they are finally fitted so they are left for Barry’s attention on another day.

Since no more work can be undertaken on the lead boat construction for the moment, Trevor, Adrian, Carol and Bob spend the remainder of the day clearing debris from the damaged wharf wall in preparation for its rebuilding as soon as the weather warms up.  This has been another very satisfying, productive day