Whats Happening ?

Friday August 13th

After dithering for a while as to the ‘intentions’ of the weather, Adrian and Norman finally decide to work on the canal, modifying the paddle-gate lifting mechanism.  Unfortunately the lifting rods which arrived with the gates are too short and the only available tube is of a larger diameter.  The problem is solved by cutting off the ends of the shorter rod and inserting them into the bigger tube after it is cut to the correct length.

The next problem is that the end of the lifting rod that attaches to the lifting rack is round and has to be fitted into a square hole.  Norman spends a lot of time grinding the round end until it is square and fits perfectly.  Which just goes to prove you can put a square peg in a round hole, or something!

He and Adrian lift the rod into place attach it top and bottom and try the winding handle.  The gate rises and falls smoothly, much to their satisfaction.  The last piece to be fitted is the ratchet mechanism.  The ratchet cog is already in place but the pawl requires a large coach bolt to fix it to the upright and that has to be acquired yet.