Whats Happening ?

Full paddle ahead?

Adrian has to attend a meeting in South Devon today so Trevor and Steve are left to their own devices which is not necessarily a good idea!  They get up to mischief!  They spend the day working on the paddle boat.  Mike has provide an old solenoid which Trevor wants to use in order to start the engine.  He has been using jump-leads and other scary things but at least he knows what he is doing. Adrian doesn’t ‘do’ electrickity; he says it bites!  Once the solenoid is fixed in place and the battery, borrowed from the Kubota, is wired in Trevor and Steve manage to start the engine and before long have power to the paddles and the weed-cutter.  Everything is going fine although the modified cooling system isn’t working efficiently enough.  They decided to remove their isolated system and return to that where cold water is drawn into the engine from the canal.  Water in the loading basin is likely to be salty which will eventually create problems of corrosion.  The engine will need to be well flushed through with fresh water after it has been run in the canal.