Whats Happening ?

Full steam ahead!

Steve and Trevor complete covering the inside of the paddle boat with bitumastic paint.  Following in the best traditions of Henry Ford the paddle-boat is turning a very delicate shade of black!  Adrian does a bit of site tidying and then decides to cast yet another coping ‘stone’.  Later all three set about reinstating the petrol engine in the paddle boat.  Steve and Trevor remove it from the shed where it has been residing for quite some time and then all three man-handle it into the boat.  This is not without difficulty but never-the-less is achieved without any mishap nor loss of temper!  Trevor has another commitment for the afternoon and leaves Steve and Adrian to ‘play boats’.  While Adrian clears up after using the cement mixer Steve fixes the steering wheel and connecting shaft to the paddle-drive.  However the bearings are seized and turning the steering wheel is extremely difficult. With Adrian’ s help, a great deal of heat, bucketfuls of  penetrating oil, and brute strength and ignorance  the bearings eventually admit defeat and begin to move.  Within  a short time everything seems to be turning smoothly.   By now  the light is beginning to fail and it’s time to call it a day but what another very satisfying day has been!