Whats Happening ?

Full steam ahead!

Trevor and Norman complete stripping down and cleaning the  8horse power, side-valved Ford engine from the paddle boat.  They decide that the only way to check if everything is okay is to reassemble it and try starting it on the bench.  Adrian gets on with planing timber for the tub boat.

A battery is connected and Norman rigs a kill switch in case the  engine over revs.  They quickly discover that they  have connected the battery terminals to the engine the wrong way around resulting in the starter motor working backwards and not engaging properly.  They swap the terminals and the engine turns and actually fires!  Following a little fiddling with the carburetor and choke they try again and the engine starts and runs beautifully despite no silencer or  governor being attached.    Everyone  is delighted and Trevor is keen to put the engine back in the boat and reconnect  it to the main drive but Adrian wants to clean and de-rust the engine housing in the boat first.  Engine installation is put on hold.

While all this is going on Barry arrives and, having inspected the engine, lends a hand with planing and fixing the floor boards.  Norman has to return home so leaves them to get on.  Concern is expressed by Adrian as to whether there is sufficient boarding to complete the floor but following a measure-up Barry thinks there should  be just enough.  Rain once again stops play.