Whats Happening ?

Getting It Together!

Norman arrives to help with sorting the mechanics of the Priestman which Alistair has now moved from the top of the drive down to the wharf side   A jerry can has been strapped to the back of the crane and connected to the fuel intake because the original, internal tank is known to be contaminated with dirty diesel and water.  Adrian cleans and greases all the undercarriage while Norman and Alistair decide to remove the tank in order to thoroughly clean it.  Despite having a complete users manual and part manual to guide them removing the diesel tank proves much more difficult than is first supposed so they abandon that idea in favour of leaving where it is.  It has a very large filler opening in the top which enables Alistair to get a brush in and stir up the contents which are then drained into an old plastic drum.  Having flushed through the tank several times with diesel Alistair and Norman then wash it out with an engine de-greaser and fresh water.  Before long the water is flowing out of the tank clean and bright.  The tank is carefully dried, the fuel lines flushed out and new fuel filters are installed.  Fresh diesel is poured into the tank and Alistair attempts to start the engine.  After some moments hesitation it fires up and runs perfectly.

Having satisfactorily completed this task the next job is to reattach to top section of boom which was removed to aid transport.  Kevin, a colleague of Alistair  has arrived in his lorry carrying not only the missing bit of boom but some more balance beams and a dragline bucket for the Cub.  Kevin uses the HiAb on the lorry to lift off the ‘goodies’ and then helps to line up and reattach the boom section.  Once this is completed Alistair shows Norman And Adrian how to reeve the crane for lifting.  The hook block is attached and Alistair runs the machine through a series of operations to ensure everything is functioning properly.  He then gives Adrian a quick lesson on how to drive it.  Time has moved on and the crew pack up for the day.  Once again Adrian is very happy with what has been achieved.