Whats Happening ?

Getting strapped down

Being so close to the Christmas festivities no work was planned for today but Barry wanted to get on with fixing the wheels to the lead tub boat.   He arrived intending to spend a little time in preparation to fixing the steel straps which hold the axles in place to the bottom of the boat.  Having marked the appropriate position for each pair of straps he set about cutting retaining mortises for the side straps.  The front wheels are very close to the curve of the bow so these side straps have to be slightly twisted.  In order to twist the straps each was clamped into a workbench vice.  A very large adjustable spanner is fitted to the strap at a point just above the place where the twist is required.  To provide power to make the twist the handle of the adjustable spanner is extended by slipping over it with a length of scaffold tube.  Surprisingly little effort is required to twist the steel and in no time at all both straps are twisted to fit.  All the is required now is to grease the axles, insert them through the wheels and into their retaining cups and bolt the whole assembly down but this will have to wait until after Christmas.