Whats Happening ?

Hard labour in the quarries!

Adrian had hoped to continue wall-building today since the the temperature has risen considerably above freezing and the ground is still dry and firm.  However the easterly wind is still bitterly cold and prolonged working in exposed areas is not a good idea.

Once again Trevor checks the RB’s batteries and finds, as is now usual, that one has lost some of its charge.  Using the battery-booster they start the engine.  Adrian works the clutches for a while and then they use the crane to move some stacked wood to a more convenient position in the yard.  Doubtless they will find that this new position is also inconvenient at a later date.  Timber temporarily stacked in the tractor shelter is relocated outside so that the Kubota can be parked under cover again but the crane cannot be used this time so they resort to the ‘Egyptian Method’ of rollers and brute strength.  Using rollers has proved very successful and easy in the past as it does this time too.

After lunch it is decided to take the trailer to Beam Quarry to collect the last of the walling stone kindly donated by the Setchells, owners of  Devon Stone.

Despite the shelter of the quarry walls it seems even colder here but selecting and loading suitable stone into the trailer keeps the boys warm enough.  The load is taken back to Sea Lock, unloaded and stacked into piles of similarly sized stone ready for when building restarts.  Light flurries of snow begin to fall but with no real intent.

The remainder of the day is spent in re-assembling the hook block for the Priestman Cub crane which, following de-rusting, painting and greasing, is now running smoothly.  All that is needed now is the crane to which the block will be reattached.  Although considerably smaller than the hook block for the RB22 this one is still very heavy and now that the hook and the pulley are turning easily, it is very difficult to pick up and get hold of.