Whats Happening ?

High tides and seized drives

The tide levels have been rising over the past few days culminating on a 6.7 metre high this evening.  The gate and ground paddles have been left open overnight and Adrian closed them this morning just after the tide reached its high of 6.4 metres.  Trevor and Adrian wait for the tide to fall to see how much water the gates are retaining.  A lot of water is leaking between the quoins and the edges of the gates but a substantial amount is being held back.  Once the water level within the chamber has fallen to that of the cills the ground paddles are lifted.  Even with the reduction gearing on the winding mechanisms the pressure of water against the gates makes them incredibly difficult to lift.  However the gates are eventually wound fully open and water rushes through the ground paddle tunnels and scours out a huge quantity of silt and debris.

Once the water had flowed out Trevor begins releasing the  engine -bearing bolts and Adrian lifts it out and transports it into the shed where it is mounted on the work bench.  While Trevor continues dismantling the engine Adrian cuts to length and bolts in place some floor boards onto the tub boat.

A little late Barry arrives to inspect the paddle boat.  He, Trevor and Adrian spend some time in oiling and releasing seized gears shifts and steering mechanisms.  After Trevor and Barry have packed up for the day Mike Chambers arrives and manages to release two jammed ratchets.  This has been another day of small but successful events.