Whats Happening ?

Inserting ribs

Barry has completed the wooden templates for the tub-boat wheels and delivers them to Adrian’s house where Trevor has also just arrived.

Down at Sea Lock, Barry and Trevor attach strops to the  front bucket of the Kubota tractor and the lead-boat chines which are sitting on  top of the completed base of the following tub-boat.  Adrian operates the tractor to lift, move  and stack them to one side, ready to be worked on another day.

They then continue working on the base.  Barry deepens the mortises into which the corner and rib posts will be inserted while Trevor and Adrian cut the rib tenons to the correct length.

After considerable planing and chiseling the first corner post is ready to be fitted,  A liberal amount of bitumastis is smeared into the mortise, Barry locates the rib and Trevor hammers it home. This is quickly followed by the first rib.

Within a short time several ribs have been fixed into place as well as two corner posts.  Adrian then gives them a coating of  preservative.  Work stops as the light is fading and the temperature is dropping fast