Whats Happening ?

Into the New Year with a BANG and a CRASH!

When the Kubota tractor was last used, just before Christmas, it was not running vet well and kept losing power.  Fuel starvation was suggested and since the fuel tank was nearly empty this seemed a likely explanation.  Trevor and Adrian venture off  to acquire a quantity of diesel which they duly fill the tractor tank with.  Unfortunately the engine continues to run unevenly and so they take the fuel filter cover off and find that the filter itself, which although  is very loose and refuses to removed, is clogged with black gunge.  Trevor and Adrian clean the filter as best they can in situ and reattach the filter bowl cover.  The engine is restarted and runs perfectly.  Trevor and Adrian then spend quite some time using the tractor to move and spread a load of hardcore.  The hardcore is spread across the surface of the wharf-side which as a result of very poor weather has become extremely wet and muddy.

Later in the day a tarmac lorry which was being used by contractors on the Tarka Trail by the entrance of the drive down to the site, got stuck and had to come down the drive to the bottom and onto the site in order to turn around and get back out.  To give the lorry room to manoeuvre Adrian has to start the crane and drive it to a place where it will not be in the way.  The engine starts beautifully.  Adrian engages the main clutch and slews the cab towards the direction in which he intends to drive the crane.  The appropriate levers are pulled and the crane begins to track forward when suddenly a strange and rather ominous creaking and clanking is heard. The crane begins to shudder a little and Trevor  shouts to Adrian to stop!  One of the drive chains has snapped and wrapped itself back in around the main drive sprocket.  The chain is not only broken it has tied itself in a knot around the sprocket which is tucked in underneath the cab in a very awkward position to get at.

The lorry driver manages to squeeze his vehicle around the stricken crane, do a several point turn and then get stuck in the mud which his vehicle has just churned up.  So much for leveling the yard with the hardcore  The day is turning from good to seriously bad!  Eventually, with the assistance of Trevor and Adrian, the lorry driver manages to extricate his vehicle from the mud and with many apologies finally drives away from the site.   Trevor and Adrian call it a day and plan to attack the chain problem the next day.