Whats Happening ?

Lifting blocks and leaking oil

Trevor and Adrian start the day by taking the trailer to the local builders’ merchants and collecting a dumpy bag of silver sand and more cement.  When they get back to Sea Lock, Adrian uses the RB to lift off the silver sand out of the trailer and then assembles the mould to cast another coping block while Trevor sorts lifting strops around a previously cast block.  Between them they crane the set block onto the wharf wall and level it ready to be concreted in.

Trevor and Adrian have been a little concerned about the lubrication of the main gearbox and drive mechanism of the RB for some time.  Whilst the RB has been running very well, considering its age and wear,  it continues to make some rather disturbing clanks and groans, and is difficult to steer.  They refer to the manual which, in this instance, is not particularly useful.  The position of sump drains is shown and the type of oil recommended is given.  However the recommended oils  are no longer available and the quantity requires is not stated.  They decide to drain the sump to determine whether there is any oil in there and how much so they remove the sump plugs.  A small amount of what looks like beaten egg comes out followed by a considerable amount of water.  What little oil there was has been thoroughly emulsified with water entering the gearbox from somewhere.  This is not good!  Once the ‘goo’ stops flowing out of the gearbox Trevor and Adrian decide to refill it with the only lubricant they have available at the time which is 20 litres of used engine oil.  This has to be better than water! Unfortunately when the engine is restarted oil leaks out from somewhere under the crane.  However the crane does seem to be running somewhat easier and quieter.   Mike arrives and discusses the problem with Trevor.  The conclusion they reach is that a very much heavier grade of oil is required – 90 or even 120 grade, suitable for vintage engines not the modern EP type of oil, which may take some finding.  This will have to wait for another day.