Whats Happening ?

Like a beetle on its back

The workforce is highly depleted today.  Trevor has ‘twisted his ankle and is finding it uncomfortable to move around on so is at home resting it.  Ian doesn’t like getting muddy so has cried off and Adrian is temporarily involved in something else so when Barry arrives he sets off to work on the tub boat by himself.  He is busy shortening axles with a angle-grinder and realigning wheel brackets when Adrian finally comes on site.

The constant downpours of rain continue to keep the site in a swamp-like condition.  Tools especially those powered by electricity frequently have to be rushed into shelter.  However by the end of a very short working day between them Barry and Adrian to  fix all four wheels into their respective brackets and bolted down into the base of the boat. A good application of grease to all moving parts ensures smooth rotation of the wheels.  Whilst the boat is still lying on its back a considerable amount of caulking and gap filling between floor boards is the next job before a last good dose of wood preserver is applied and the boat turned the right way up.  With its little wheels pointing skyward it does bare a strong resemblance to a beetle on its back!