Whats Happening ?

Like a couple of convicts

Today Trevor and Adrian took a trailer to Beam Quarry to collect some walling stone.  The owners of the quarry, Torrington Stone (Mr Brian Setchell, retired, and his son, Peter) have kindly donated 5 tons of selected stone to the restoration of Sea Lock. Trevor and Adrian were allowed to rummage about on several large piles of different sized stones and hand-picked some really nice pieces   After what seemed like a life-time they decided that the trailer load was nearing its maximum limit of 2 tons.  Much to their surprise the weighbridge stated a load of only 1.4 tons.  The stone certainly seemed heavy enough when they were lugging it about.  Anyway the good news is that there is therefore a considerable amount more still to be collected.  The load was towed back to Sea Lock and duly off-loaded and sorted into small piles of similar sized stones.  This will make future building so much easier and it is great to have a good selection to choose from.


There are some very exciting big boys toys at the quarry but Adrian was disappointed because he wasn’t allowed to play with them!

Later in the day they are joined by Carol and John.  John sorts out and matches shackles for a lifting bar for the crane.  Trevor and Carol complete fixing the last replacement blade to the  drive of the paddle boat.