Whats Happening ?

Like ‘Busy Bees!’

Despite the weather still being wet and unseasonable there is much activity at Sea Lock today.  Trevor arrives, later  followed by Barry and Carol who work together on fitting the butty tub-boat’s knees and elbows. This requires a lot of  fine-sawing, planing as well as ‘fiddling’ about.  Working out in the open exposed to frequent, heavy, rain showers makes  for slow progress and it is further hampered by the wharf-side surface becoming more and more muddy, and slippery.

Bob and Wesley have arrived as well.  Wesley and Trevor start to dismantle the paddle mechanism from the reed-cutting boat.  It has been decided that the sensible approach is to remove the whole of the rusted out floor and replace it with new steel.  Having the boat turned up-side-down will facilitate this repair considerably.  However keeping the heavy paddle-end still attached to the hull will make life very difficult so temporarily removing it should help.

Bob retires to the mud!  Getting down into the mouth of the lock chamber he continues clearing channels to enable the force of the flowing water to erode the deposited silt.  He works around the outer wing wall where there has been a significant collapse of masonry.  Adrian, hanging off a ladder, works nearby scraping the joints out between stones, and removing weeds and silt which has  built up on the damaged wall.  He hopes to start repairing this section of wall soon.

By the end  of the day considerable progress has been made on several fronts even though the rain was doing its best to stop play!