Whats Happening ?

Missing springs and worn bands.

Having successfully lowered the boom Trevor and Norman discover that the boom-hoist cushion-spring is missing which means there is no proper adjustment to the boom hoist clutch.    Where the spring should be a number of over-sized nuts have been installed as spacers.  Not much ‘give’ in them.  This may account for why the boom has a tendency to creep up and not lower properly. The worn bands are removed so that they can be properly cleaned and a replacement spring sought.  One of David Jones’ contacts is telephoned   He thinks he has a spare spring and promises to look for it and send it as soon as he can.

Trevor and Norman examine the boom hoist clutch bands and discover that they are badly worn and the rivets holding the shoes on have come through the linings.  It does not seem sensible to replace them as they are once the cushion spring arrives and it is decided that Norman will take them away and get them re lined.