Whats Happening ?

More attempts at bending timber.

Having already moved the planks to be used for cladding, the lead tub boat into the bottom of the wharf area in the hope of keeping the wood wetter, Barry decides that the the way in which the timbers have been stacked in order to bend them, is not right since the weight applied is in the wrong place.  It is decided to re-stack them which requires the use of the RB22 to lift the bock of concrete which is laid on top.  Adrian maneuvers the RB22 into place and lowers the hook block to which Barry links the concrete block  using a lifting strop.  Trevor gives Adrian direction since he cannot see the block behind and below the wall but soon it is lifted clear and Barry re-arranges the timbers.  Weight is re-applied in a different position and Barry is confident that this will now encourage the timber to bend in a better way.  All that is required now is  for the wood to have a good soaking.