Whats Happening ?

Moving blocks and lifting boats

While Adrian is removing the shuttering from a block he cast the previous day, Trevor prepares a mix of concrete to cast  another block.  Adrian rebuilds the mould on a clear pallet and before long this is filled and left to set.   Trevor cleans out the mixer while Adrian starts up the RB.  Between them they lift  a block cast several days ago and lower it onto the wall ready to be leveled up.  Barry and Ian arrive and it is decided that while the crane is running it may as well be used to turn the lead tub boat over so that work can be undertaken on its underside.  Adrian, Trevor and Ian sort out lifting strops while Barry saws off the tops of the ribs to their finished height,.  Once this has been done Adrian begins the lift.  The lead boat is safely and easily turned over and set down on to 2 large baulks of timber to keep it off the ground and the base at a sensible working level.  Recesses for the tub boat wheels have already been made in the base but have to be refined to allow for the holding straps and wheel bosses so Barry puts his attention to this while Ian caulks the gaps which have opened up between the floor boards.  The straps holding the front wheel have to be modified because of the curve of the bows.  John arrives and sets to marking out, cutting and welding the straps to the required shape.  While all this is going on Trevor and Adrian have levered the last block on the wall into its finished position ready for concreting in.  Everything is progressing nicely.