Whats Happening ?

Mud, mud, glorious mud!

Trevor and Adrian spend the day digging silt away from the outer edge of the western wing wall.  The silt is incredibly sticky and clings to the blades of their shovels as well as their boots.

Unfortunately the RB with its clamshell bucket attached  cannot be used since the nearest  solid surface where the crane can work  is still too far a reach.  Had Alistair and Adrian attached the drag bucket instead of the clamshell this problem wouldn’t have arisen.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

Trevor and Adrian decide to use the back hoe of the Kubota tractor to try and speed up the excavation.  The tractor is somewhat precariously perched on the edge of the wing wall edge and has to be anchored to a nearby Oak tree to prevent it pulling itself over.  This is not a good idea so it is abandoned.  Trevor tries to drive the tractor away and it becomes bogged down.  After some pushing and shoving using the back hoe Adrian  manages to extricate the Kubota and he and Trevor decide to pack up for the day.

Despite a lot of energy being spent the effort was well worth while.  The outer edge of the wing wall is now clearly defined and its reconstruction can be planned more definitely.  What is rather disappointing, however, is that although the remains of the wall buried beneath the silt id still in very good condition Trevor and Adrian were hoping to find  indications of a boat-building ramp somewhere along the edge of this wing wall but the sheer edge discovered indicates that there was no ramp at this point.