Whats Happening ?

No holes in our floor!

Barry wasn’t due to work at Sea Lock today but  decided that  he would so he and Trevor continue fixing the bottom boards down but first Trevor connects his charger to the crane batteries which were flat last time they were required..  By lunch time the remaining boards have all been planed to a tight fit and only a couple require bolting down.  Both Barry and Norman, who has been clearing more of the wall,  are unable to remain after lunch so Trevor and Adrian are left to fit the last boards and remove excess bitumen from the squeezed joints.   Next the base is given a good dose of coat of creocote, especially the wheel recesses.

Having tidied up the base and cleared away tools no longer required Trevor and Adrian finish the platform and begin jacking up the base in order to lay scaffold-tube rollers underneath the boat.  Although it is getting late in the day they decide to see how easily the boat will move on the rollers.  Everything works surprisingly well and within a very short time and with minimum effort they manage to push the boat out from underneath the roof ready to be turned over the following day.  Brilliant!