Whats Happening ?

Out in the cold!

Today it’s a even colder than it was yesterday .  Adrian is thinking that he may have the day off when Carol arrives.  They decide to go to Barnstaple to collect a pair of towing eyes and shackles for the tub boat.  On their return they insert the bolts into holes previously bored and countersunk by Barry.  Theses eyes and shackles are attached through the stern of the boat and will be connected to a chain bridle which is employed when the tub-boat is towed up the inclined plane.  When this is completed, Carol retires to the relative warmth of the storage shed where he continues the task he started the day before of wire-brushing and lubricating used scaffold clips.  Adrian works out in the cold laying cladding boards onto a sort of trestle.  These boards are to be used to clad the sides of the lead tub boat but have to be bent.  He arranges the boards so that they are heavily weighted at one end and in the middle. The other end is over-hanging the trestles and unsupported.  More weight is applied here to encourage the wood to bend over.  Heavy rain is forecast overnight and soaking the wood will help it to bend more easily.  It is ultimately intended to steam the wood to make it more supple when fixing the boards to the ribs of the new boat but a suitable steamer has yet to be designed and constructed.   Just another little problem to be overcome!