Whats Happening ?

Historic boat acquired.

Following up on a telephone conversation with Alistair Ogden, Adrian has just acquired a very interesting piece of machinery to add to the site of Sea Lock.  This machine is a 1930’s weed-cutting narrow boat.  Her previous owner has spent much time in the past restoring her  but with more pressing commitments has not been able to keep her in pristine condition.  She had become something of a liability and he wanted to dispose of her to a good home otherwise  he would have been forced to sell her for scrap.

This vessel has several very unusual features.  She is powered by a side-valve petrol engine which drives a pair of paddles at the stern end.   The cutting mechanism at the front consists of two hinged, serrated blades mounted on a bow-sprit which can be lowered to a depth of 7 feet. (Shades of Queen Boadicea’s chariot).  The boat is 20 feet long but only 4 feet wide and is apparently quite unstable especially when trying to turn her around.


Sadly she requires quite a lot of work to return her to good condition but to allow such an unusual and rare boat to be cut up for scrap would be a crime.