Whats Happening ?

Clearing the apron, AGAIN!

Adrian clears the build up of silt from the apron and inside  the cills in readiness for new gate stop boards to be installed over the weekend.

Planing floor boards for the tub boat project.

Adrian takes the Oak beam and some of the sawn floor boards for the tub-boat construction, to a local joinery company who have agreed to machine them to the required size.

The floor boards have to be put through a thickness planer to reduce them to a standard thickness.  This is quickly achieved but the large beam which needs to be sawn to create two very long wedges is too big to fit into the throat of the band saw and can not be cut!

Adrian returns home with only half the day’s tasks completed.  Fortunately he manages to arrange for another company to cut the beam on site the next day using a portable planking saw .

Collecting timber and replacing old gates.

Adrian, Hilary and Norman journey to the Canal Centre on the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal at Maunsel where they have to collect a large Oak beam.  This has been donated by British Waterways and is to be used to repair the damaged gate stops at Sea Lock.

While at Maunsel they spent a lot of time watching the old lock gates being lifted out and removed by a team of BW workers and a gigantic crane.  The gates are 25+ years old and showing the signs of much use and abuse.

Such is the interest in the removal of the old gates and replacement with steel gates that the occasion was being recorded by a television crew.

Sawing gate-stops to size.

As previously arranged, a contractor arrives at Sea Lock with a large, portable planking saw.  He has to spend some time to build a temporary gig for the saw to travel along in order  cut the Oak beam to the correct size and angle required to repair the damaged gate-stops.  Eventually everything is completed satisfactorily.  Lowering the timbers into the lock chamber is the next task.

Tuesday August 24th

Trevor and Adrian complete the ratchet assembly on the inner Eastern wall gate. Initially they locate the safety pawl in the wrong position so that it is jumping out of the ratchet and not securing the paddle gate from dropping.  After a rethink they attach the pawl in a different place and everything works fine.