Whats Happening ?

Tuesday August 10th

The repaired gasket inside the paddle gate frame has set firmly and the frame is made ready to fix to the lock gate.  After having to wait for the tide to drop Trevor goes down into the lock chamber.   He cleans the area where the paddle frame is to  be fixed to the gate by scraping of the accumulation of mud and then drying with a hot air gun.  Adrian coats the part of the frame to be attached in a thick coat of trowelling bitumastic and then lowers the frame to Trevor who bolts it in place using some very large coach bolts.  A bit later the paddle gate itself is lowered into its frame,

Sunday August 8th

Hilary and Adrian, representing the Rolle Canal Society, assisted by members, Tony Barnes, Chris Hassall and Norman, present an exhibition of pictures and printed information on the Rolle Canal as part of the Bude Heritage Day held on the green outside of Bude Castle. The weather was very kind a lot of interest was shown by members of the public.

Saturday August 7th

Having already removed and cleaned a section of damaged gasket fro the paddle gate frame Norman sets about fixing it back in place.   Adrian, in the meantime, is spreading and levelling the infill behind the wharf wall using the excavator.

Friday August 6th

Norman and Adrian fix the remaining timbers to the decking of the bridge and finally it is covered from end to end and safe to drive across.

Thursday August 5th

Using the excavator and dumper Trevor and Adrian dump loads of hardcore and then the drying silt to bring the ground level up to that of the newly laid coping ‘stones.  It is looking very impressive!