Whats Happening ?

Friday July 23rd

Norman and Adrian cast another block and then cement around the dry-laid blocks previously laid. They then spend time spreading another delivery of hard core and then covering it in a layer of silt.

Tuesday July 20th

Barry arrives and sets about removing the damaged timber from the cill in preparation to repairing it.  He and Adrian spend time discussing whether this should be in the form of cast concrete or wood.

Monday July 19th

Adrian casts another coping ‘stone’ block.

Saturday July 18th

Alistair, Trevor and Adrian spend time in ‘marrying up’ the closing edges of the gate so that they close snugly and retain water.  This entails wedging the gates together and then sawing straight down between the two touching edges.  To give sufficiently wide bearing edges this has to be done many times  Making good the cill is the next major task.

Saturday July 17th

Alistair and Adrian set about lifting Nanky Poo out of the lock chamber and resting her on the wharf side. 39 Nanky Poo flying

Once Alistair is happy with the position of the lifting strops he easily and gently raises the boat out of the wate and then carries her over to where she is going to be propped up. .

Trevor Barry and Adrian set about fitting the balance beams to the top of the gates.  Whilst Barry does some final shaving of joints Alistair and his co-driver, Daisy, has a short break!  

Neil Worth arrives and records the whole process on his camera.  After several attempts the beams finally slip into position and are then permanently fixed in place.