Whats Happening ?

Friday June 19th

Adrian drives the 360°excavator across the bridge and uses it to flatten the pile of silt deposited by Trevor the previous day.  Even scarier!

Thursday June 18th

Trevor and Adrian remove silt from its stock pile and use it to raise the ground level on the river side of the lock chamber.  This entails Trevor driving the loaded dumper across the new bridge.  Scary!

Wednesday June 17th

Trevor and Adrian spend most of the day smashing a delivery of hard core, spreading it behind the wharf wall in order to raise the ground level closer to its finished height.

In the evening Hilary, Adrian and three friends help tow Mike Chambers motor yacht into the lock chamber.  Adrian is going to ask Alistair to lift it out and place it on the wharf side where Mike can make some make alterations to her hull

Wednesday June 9th

Trevor and Adrian nip into the local builder’s merchants to collect some cement and builders lime.  Having returned to the canal site they mix some mortar and continue rebuilding the wharf wall. They use a laser-level to check the wall and are pleased with how accurate their rebuilding is proving to be.

Sunday June 6th

Ray Patt and Adrian get on with rebuilding the face of the wharf wall. Ray builds and Adrian acts as labourer, and is kept fully occupied supplying Ray.  By the end of the day the wall has shown considerable growth!  Fortunately some really nicely cut, large pieces of walling stone have been found on site and have been incorporated into the wharf wall.