Whats Happening ?

Thursday June 3rd

Trevor and Adrian tidy the site. Adrian uses the digger to lift and drag the balance beams whilst Trevor places ‘telegraph-pole rollers’ in strategic places they manoeuvre the beams to a place, nearer the lock chamber, where they think they will be easier to work on.  The mortises need to be extended and new tenons fixed in.  Doubtless where the balance beams have been moved to will prove to be ‘in the way’ shortly as happens with all materials carefully and thoughtfully located!

Wednesday June 2nd

Trevor drills and bolts the new lengths of timber on to the bridge ramp.  Unfortunately there is still not enough to finish the job.  Alistair is hoping to find some more redundant stop-boards amongst various piles of timber in storage by B.W.

Adrian spends a considerable amount of time swinging a sledge hammer , smashing into small pieces, a load of hardcore supplied by his local builder’s merchants.  He then levels the pile out using the swing shovel.

Saturday May 29th

The new pipe has been delivered and Adrian is able to lay it and build in a new man-hole access chamber.

Sunday 30th

Adrian backfills the trench and uses the excavator to flatten it down.  He is well pleased with how easily this task was completed.

Friday May 28th

Adrian uses the excavator to dig the trench and removes all the old earthenware pipes.

Thursday May 27th

Groundplant delivers Chris Hassall’s Kubota excavator which he has kindly loaned to Adrian again.  Adrian wants to replace an old and damaged field drain running across the site with a new plastic pipe and has to dig a deep trench.