Whats Happening ?

Saturday May 22nd

Adrian takes the stop-boards to John Bowden who kindly cuts them down to the size required for use on the bridge ramps.

Trevor is taking time out from today, to have a holiday with his wife so will be unavailable for a while.

Thursday May 20th

Trevor and Adrian have a ‘jolly’.  They go up to one of the B.W. depots at Taunton to see Alistair to discuss what the next course of action is to be.  They manage to locate a couple of redundant stop-boards which are duly transported back to Sea Lock.

Wednesday May 19th

Trevor and Adrian resume rebuilding the face of the wharf wall.  Progress is slowing down because there is little suitable stone to choose from and time is spent trying to cut some of it into useable pieces.

Monday May 17th

The Groundwork S.W. group returns, continuing work on weed removal and finishing constructing the steps and fencing.  Having given all the wood work a final coat of preservative the project is finally completed and looks very good.  Well done to them!

Thursday May 14th

Trevor and Adrian continue on fabricating brackets and ramps for the ends of the bridge.  They have completed the frame for one end which awaits cladding.