Whats Happening ?

Wednesday May 13th

Trevor is unavailable today but Adrian greets the Groundwork group and leaves them to it since he has to go into town.  Unfortunately the nails required for the fencing have been left in the storage shed which was locked so after a short amount of work in the morning the group left to look at another job.

Tuesday May 12th

The group from Groundwork S.W. continue to clear the Parrot Feather from the water in the upper end of the wharf it is proving to be very hard going.  The treads are all concreted now so the lads are now erecting fencing along either side of the steps. Trevor and Adrian continue making brackets for the ramps.

Monday May 11th

Having spent a long time considering how to go about it, Adrian begins fabricating hinge-brackets to hold ramps on either end of the bridge.  This involves cutting, drilling and welding metal.  Welding is not one of Adrian’s more accomplished skills but ‘practise makes perfect’ and he is quite pleased with the first of the four brackets he produced that he requires.

Thursday May 6th

More work is undertaken in step-making, pond clearing and wall building.  The lads from Groundwork S.W. are working well and are proving to be a friendly, co-operative bunch. Some of them have been put to work mixing and barrowing concrete whist others are laying it to create the treads.

Wednesday May 5th

A considerable quantity of Parrot Feather is been dragged from the water and loaded into the dumper. Whilst this is work is invaluable it means Trevor or Adrian have to keep breaking off from their building work to drive the dumper away to where the weed is being dumped.

The steps are completely set out now and the group is levelling off the tread areas in preparation to in-filling with concrete.