Whats Happening ?

Tuesday May 4th

The lads from Groundwork S.W. are continuing to work on clearing the invasive water-weed as well as working on the construction of the flight of steps.  These are coming along well and laying concrete treads is the next task.

Trevor and Adrian have been carrying on with rebuilding the wharf wall.

Sunday May 2nd

Adrian, David Lovell, Ray Patt and Archaeologist, Chris Preece hold a meeting on the site of the inclined plane wheel-pit to try and formulate a strategy to advertise its existence, explain its function and further the work initiated by David to uncover its remains.

Thursday April 29th

Work on painting the perimeter fence has been completed.  The steps are progressing well but work on them and the weed clearing is seriously hampered by a change in the weather.  The long, dry spell has finished and rain has fallen for most of the day.  Trevor and Adrian abandon re-building work on the wharf wall but spend some time on checking heights and levels using a laser-beam level.

Wednesday April 28th

The group from Ground Work S.W. continue constructing the steps and clearing the weed.  They are making good progress with both the fencing and the steps but removing the Parrot’s Feather is proving slow and arduous work.

Trevor and Adrian continue work on the wharf wall.

Tuesday April 27th

Trevor and Adrian are joined by members of the Ground Work S.W.volunteers group.  They are going to construct a stepped pathway, coat a length of fencing with preservative and attempt to clear the Myriophyllum aquaticum (Parrot’s Feather) from the inner wharf area.