Whats Happening ?

Saturday March 20th

Alistair, Adrian, Trevor and Barry prepare to lift a gate into place whist Neal makes a video record. Alistair drills holes and sets bolts into the top of the quoin stones and attaches the brackets which the collars will be locked into.   He and Barry then set about attaching the collars to the tops of the gates but this requires a reduction of the timber where collar turns.

The next job is to cut a recess in the timber which forms the cill in order to locate new cups.

Thursday March 18th

Trevor and Adrian make good a cavity behind the riverside gate quoin stones and pave it over.  Work is drawn to a close due to bad weather setting in for the rest of the day.

Wednesday March 17th

Trevor and Adrian begin to lay the treated decking across the bridge, bolting down each end plank to lock the others in place.  When the last length of timber is laid Trevor gives it all a final coat of preservative. Unfortunately there is not quite enough to deck out the entire length of the bridge and its ramps so more will have to be acquired from B.W. as soon as possible.

Tuesday March 16th

Trevor and Adrian cut more decking to length and coat it with preservative.  They then manoeuvre the last remaining original coping stone into place, using rollers and levers, and lay it on a bed of mortar.

Late in the afternoon Michael Pryer arrives and uses the Ruston to lift the bridge and manoeuvre it across the lock chamber to its resting position. Adrian and John hang onto ropes to help prevent the bridge swing as its moved.  Finally it is gently lowered onto some timbers on the ground to spread its weight and is ready to be decked out.

Monday March 15th

Adrian continues rebuilding the wharf wall, extending the inside skin and back-filling between it and the outer with ‘ugly’ stones and concrete.