Whats Happening ?

23rd December 2009

Wednesday 23rd

Two 30feet long RSJ’s are delivered to the site.  They are to be used as a base for a temporary bridge to span the lick chamber in order to make access to either side much quicker.  Norman Richards ordered the steel, through a contact of his, and helped with the delivery and off-loading, assisted by Barry and Trevor.  Adrian, in the meantime, takes care of the most important job – making the tea!

Michael operated the 22RB to lift the steel from a long trailer and placed them alongside the lock chamber where struts and decking can be added before the finished bridge is lifted into place.

Whilst the unloading was being undertaken, the weather decided to complicate the task.  Heavy rain began to fall onto the ground that was already covered in a thick coating of ice.  Fortunately the job was soon completed and everyone made a break for shelter and warmth.

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16th December

Wednesday 16th

Trevor prepared the surface of the newly extended bolts and gave them a coat of red oxide paint. 

Adrian, in the meantime, started up the 22RB and warmed up the clutches to free any sticking surfaces following the prolonged period of rainfall.  He then practiced manoeuvring a load on the hook block and raising and lowering the boom. The crane is performing well.

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4th December

Friday 4th

Sadly one of the adult swans, probably the cob, was found dead this morning.  Yesterday it was in much the same position as where the family had rested on Wednesday but on its own. It appeared alert and healthy although the rest of the family were now on the other side of the river.   Perhaps it was just having a break from parenthood or maybe it was ailing!

The corpse had some predatory damage to its breast but whether this had occurred pre or post-mortem is a matter of speculation.  The corpse disappeared following the next high tide, presumably floating away.

Hopefully the remaining adult will find itself another mate in time to breed again next season.

3rd December

Thursday 3rd

The swan family have returned to the lock for a ‘sleep-over’.  Whilst they are seen now and again they have been travelling considerable distances up and down the River Torridge.  The juveniles are fully grown now but still retain some of their immature plumage. .

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2nd December

Wednesday 2nd

Norman telephones to say his friend, an engineer, has finished extending the gate bolts so Hilary Trevor, Adrian and he take time out to collect them.

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