Whats Happening ?

2nd October

Alistair and Viv’ arrive for the weekend.  Alistair is going to give Adrian his second lesson on how to operate the 22RB.

12th September 2009

There has been a lull in activity at the restoration site over the past few weeks due first of all Adrian and Hilary taking time to visit friends up country. Whilst they were away they took advantage of the opportunity to visit various canal sites including the Anderton Boat Lift  and the Ellesmere Boat Museum.  Trevor and his wife have also been away, gadding about in Dorset enjoying themselves.  Back to the grind now!

11th September 2009

Roy is joined by Adrian, Chris Hassall and Norman Richards.

While Adrian Chris and Norman take turns in measuring out specific distances along the towpath Roy makes detailed annotated sketches of various problems to be addressed.

10th September 2009

Roy Sutton, consultant civil engineer to IWA, arrives.  He has been asked  to make a feasibility study on the section of canal running across land owned by Clinton Devon Estates, with the view of it becoming a permissive footpath.

9th September 2009

Trevor and Adrian use the last of the coarse sand in stock rebuilding a short section of the wharf wall up to coping stone height.

Adrian and Hilary are taking a fortnight off to visit friends up north and to a have short holiday so  all work on the restoration site will  cease for a while.

A sign-painter/ friend arrived today and began adorning the 22RB with acknowledgements to the IWA and British Waterways support as well as the Rolle Canal Society and to apply its company decals.