Whats Happening ?

Playing with big boys’ toys

Having had a considerable lay-off from working at Sea Lock due to the  intervention of annual holidays and the constraints brought about by prolonged periods of appalling weather Trevor and Adrian set about fixing catwalks to the RB22.   Climbing up and down over the tracks to access the driving cab and engine compartments  has proved to be a considerable inconvenience.

Adrian has acquired two pairs of  support-brackets from a supplier in Urmston, Manchester and they have to be bolted to the sides of the crane to which running boards will be fixed.  The brackets, once attached, seem to be very widely spaced so Trevor and Adrian fabricate 2 more, one for each side,  to split the gap.  Trevor cuts sections of mild steel angle-iron to length while Adrian attempts to arc-weld them together.

Welding is not one of his greater skills and the job is made more difficult because some of the welding rods are damp and the transformer keeps over-heating and shutting down.

Eventually the new pair of supports are fully welded and holes bored for various fixings but at this point the working day is brought to a close  and the new brackets will now have to wait until the next working day in the New Year before being attached to the crane.

2012 promises to be a very exciting year for the various projects underway at Sea Lock and for Lord Rolle’s Canal in general.