Whats Happening ?

Progress on all fronts.

Now that the base of the lead tub-boat is the right way up Barry sets hs attention to cutting the recesses for the ribs and corner posts.  He is helped by Carol who is armed with a very large chisel and mallet.  Once the recesses have been marked out Barry uses a large diameter wood augur to drill out most of the wood which needs to be removed.  Carol follows along, squaring the holes. He then vacuums the wood chips and shavings  out of the cavities, which are quite deep.

In the loading basin Bob works steadily clearing the water channel which runs through,  to help wash away the accumulation of silt.  The stream is certainly cutting down into the mud.  Ideally a  better water supply is required and yet despite the very wet weather that we have experienced not so long ago, the streams running into the canal and the river running past are very low!

While all this is going on Trevor keeps Adrian supplied in mortar and stone who is working on rebuilding the wharf wall.  Having such a good selection of facing stone, donated from Beam Quarry, means that reconstruction progresses quickly.  Three coping ‘stones’ are waiting patiently to be laid on the top of the wall and at this rate it will not be long before there is sufficient new wall up to the required level to facilitate them.