Whats Happening ?

Queen Boadicea rides again!

Following the acquisition of the paddle-driven weed-cutting boat Adrian decides to add to the collection of death-defying machines by resurrecting an ancient Allen Scythe that he abandoned on the side of the canal several years ago.  He had worked the machine in the past but it was somewhat cantankerous and had the nasty habit of jumping into gear and driving off by itself!

After the incident when it set off down the canal embankment, into the water and had to be extricated, it sealed its own fate by blowing a tyre. Adrian left it where it stopped.

As time passed Adrian forgave the machine its bad behaviour so he and Trevor planned  to rescue it from the hedge in which it was residing.

After attaching a long rope to it and the Kubota tractor Trevor drags the scythe out while Adrian clears its way of brambles and other obstructions.

Having easily dragged the scythe across the canal, where it is very shallow due to silting, Adrian and Trevor manage to pick up the machine  in the front bucket and  secure it.  Trevor drives the Kubota down the the workshop looking like some strange warrior driving a fearsome chariot.

They spend the afternoon removing rust and taking off bits to be repaired or replaced.