Whats Happening ?

Repairs and servicing.

Having started  the dumper where it was last parked  and begun driving it towards its usual parking space Trevor finds that he is suddenly stuck in gear.  Unfortunately something has happened to the clutch. Trevor and Adrian find a sheet of plywood that can be used to lay under the machine so that Trevor can get underneath it without having to roll around in the mud.

He discovers that a bracket connecting two linkage rods has broken due to rust finally eating its way through the metal.  After some head scratching it is decided that the problem can be overcome be fabricating a new bracket.  This solution requires Adrian  to do some welding; not his greatest skill!.  However all goes surprisingly well and a section of box steel is welding to a threaded nut for adjustment, drilled and cut to the required size and shape and reattached to the machine by Trevor.   All works again perfectly.  ‘Job done!’ as the expression goes.

Following lunch Trevor and Adrian decide to spend some time in servicing the crane.  Adrian  starts the engine and lowers the boom until it is nearly horizontal.  Trevor paints some of the diagonal boom struts, which are a little rusty, with red oxide whilst Adrian coverings all the ropes and himself in a good  coat of oil.

They then set to applying the  grease gun to the multitude of grease nipples about the machine, particularly those on the pulley wheels high up on the boom which cannot normally be reached.  Some don’t accept grease and will at some time need to be removed and investigated.  just another little job to be done.