Whats Happening ?

The last post?

Just before Trevor and Adrian arrive  to resume working on the tub-boat Mike Chambers brings his yacht, which is to be over-wintered on the wharf-side, into the lock chamber.  They spend a while mooring it before Trevor and Adrian continue fixing the tub-boat ribs into  place.

The  remaining  mortise sockets require cleaning out and squaring up which takes a considerable amount of time.  While they are doing this Barry appears in the lock chamber with his rowing boat which he wants to over-winter on the wharf as well.

Following minor altercation about which is the right or left side of the boat and then the port or starboard side,  Barry sets to chiseling out the last mortises and within a short while all the remaining  ribs  and the last corner post are inserted waiting for the cladding to be applied.  Failing light brings a close to the day’s proceedings.