Whats Happening ?

Ropes and drums.

Thanks to Alistair, Adrian is given the contact details of  David Jones.  David was employed by RB  as a driver / mechanic.   Following a long telephone conversation between him and Adrian the solution to the  boom problem is made clear.

Trevor, Norman and Adrian begin the slow and laborious task of pulling off the holding rope from the front drum so that the clutch mechanism behind it can be accessed easily and freed off.  Unfortunately the drum does not want to run freely and the offending rope has to be attached to the Kubota tractor and towed off.  This rope was  recently given a fresh coat of oil consequently unwinding it was a particularly slippery and messy process.

Having pulled off the rope the power-lift chain-wheel and the hoist-drum laggings have to be removed.  These are very heavy and awkward lumps of  machinery that are not easy to manoeuvre but eventually the seized clutch bands could be seen easily and everything was ready for the next stage of releasing them and hopefully, lowering the boom.