Whats Happening ?

Safely down at last!

Trevor, Norman and Adrian are joined by David Jones, in person.  He has traveled from his home in Bridgwater to give on the spot advice as to how to release the seized boom hoist clutch.  After Norman and Trevor take the tension off various brake and clutch bands Adrian is given the task of starting the crane and engaging the main clutch.  The engine fires easily and Adrian gently and somewhat nervously engages the main clutch.  The boom behaves itself and does not move.  David tells Adrian to try lowering the boom and once again it responds accordingly.  However, once it starts to lower  it rapidly gains momentum.  The brake bands have been slackened off in order to release the seized bands and now there is nothing to stop it falling other than slamming the lowering lever into its raising position.   After some more lowering and stopping the boom is eventually brought down to being nearly horizontal as opposed to being nearly vertical at the start.  The safety pawl is engaged and the engine switched off.  The boom clutch and brake bands can now be safely worked on with no fear of the boom crashing over the top of the cab.

David lists a number of adjustments that need to be made and a few new parts that need to be acquired before the crane can be put back into operation but all is now clearly understood and achievable.  Trevor, Norman and especially Adrian are well pleased and greatly relieved