Whats Happening ?

So near, yet so far!

Adrian had been hoping to complete rebuilding the length  of wharf wall as far as the corner section before the end of 2013 but here he was on the last day of the year, working with Norman, craning more block onto its top. Having  roughly laid these blocks in place Adrian estimates he needs 4 more to finish.  Then he plans to begin building a launching ramp/inclined plane which the tub boats and other small craft can use to enter or exit the water but this is for 2014, not so far away now!  However he is well pleased with the point of progress reached so far .  As a matter of fact, to date, 120 ‘coping stone’ blocks, including 7 quoin ‘stones’ and 5 foundation blocks, have been cast which has taken whole a load of concrete.

Although it has stopped raining for a moment the surface of the site is still an absolute mess.  Driving the RB up and down shifting blocks has not helped but this is unavoidable.  While Norman and Adrian are playing with big boys toys, Barry has been using an electric planer to chamfer the edge of the base of the lead tub boat.  The wheels and axle straps are already to be attached but that will also happen next year now.

In the meantime I wish anyone following this diary,