Whats Happening ?

So nearly there!

While Adrian warms up the engine and clutches of the RB, Trevor organizes lifting strops for moving the two most recently cast coping stones onto the wharf wall.  When Adrian begins tracking the crane to the position it needs to be in, the offside drive chain decides to slip off the rear sprocket.  Despite attaching sacrificial blocks in attempt to take up the slack in the drive chains, the glutinous mud on the surface of the site has helped enable the chain to slip free.  Trevor applies a very large bar-iron to the loose chain and manages to get it almost back onto the sprocket but not quite.  Eventually while Trevor is applying leverage to the chain,  Adrian engages drive again and very slowly reverses the crane slightly which pulls the chain back on. He then continues to drive the crane to where it needs to be in order to lift the blocks.

The first block is quickly lifted on to the wall and levered into its final position.  The second soon follows suit.  Trevor mixes a load of mortar whilst Adrian selects a number of suitable stones for in-filling the space beneath the blocks.  Once this is done and the stones mortared in, Adrian continues rebuilding the top of the wharf wall and by the end of the day has reached the end of the straight section.

To finish this section of wall, another 2 coping stones are required but their production will have to wait for another day.