Whats Happening ?

Spring clean?

Trevor and Adrian complete bolting the cat-walk brackets to the sides of the RB.  All that is required now is the actual platform to walk on which hasn’t been fabricated yet.

Since the Sea Lock site is more suitable to planting rice than trying to continue any building work they next decide to spend time servicing the crane.  Adrian starts up the machine and works the various levers to ease sticking clutches.  After having moved the crane from the end of the wharf wall nearer to the storage shed they then set about filling the diesel tank and pumping grease into a multitude of grease-nipples and lubricating variety of moving parts.  Although the engine started easily enough it was losing power when in forward drive.  Dirty fuel filters are suspected of causing this but replacements are not instantly available.  Other than this slight problem the crane is functioning very well.

Working it regularly certainly makes a huge difference to its performance.