Whats Happening ?

Springs and bands come together, nearly.

Finally the postman delivers a package containing a replacement cushion spring.  Trevor arrives carrying the newly relined boom hoist bands, all nicely painted and sets about re-intsatlling the boom hoist mechanism.

Before replacing the very heavy and awkward to manoeuvre hoist-drum laggings  they decide to start the engine and test the lifting of the boom.  The engine fires up easily and Adrian gently engages the main drive clutch.  An awful ‘grunging’ noise starts and scares Adrian ‘half to death’.  Trevor tries a number of different adjustments but each time the main clutch is engaged the terrible noise is made.  Heads are scratched.

Later in the day Norman arrives.  He and Trevor start taking even more of the machine to pieces.  Adrian leaves them to think about mechanical things while he extends the scaffolding along the inside of the wharf wall.  By the end of the day the problem has not been solved.  So much for having new parts and having all the linkages carefully cleaned and greased.  Situations like this are so frustrating but that’s the nature of working with elderly machinery.