Whats Happening ?

Steve for Chief Test Pilot?

First thing in the morning Trevor and Adrian return to Beam Quarry for a second load of facing stone.  Having underestimated the quantity collected before this time they load what they think is substantially more into the trailer.  this time the weighbridge states a load of 1.75 tons.  Still not as much as they though but a good load never-the-less.  Just as they are putting the last few stones into the trailer Carol turns up.  Good timing!  The three return to Sea Lock.  Adrian and Carols off-loads the stone whilst Trevor makes a cup of tea.  Following the tea break, Trevor attaches the Kubota battery to the paddle boat engine and provides Adrian with a demonstration of how well the engine starts and runs.  The gearbox turns smoothly in forward and reverse gear, easily driving the paddles and the cutter bar. This is all very exciting but Trevor has decided that he is not really man-enough to be test pilot once the boat is in the water, (no sense of adventure!).In his absence, Trevor and Adrian take the executive decision of electing Steve as Chief Test Pilot.  He’d better make sure his life insurance is up to date!  After lunch Trevor sets about removing the modified cooling system and reinstating the original system Adrian finishes removing the last bit of debris from the bottom of the wharf wall.  Next Tuesday will be spent on extending the scaffold along this stretch of wall so that it can be cleared of rubble and weeds in preparation for more rebuilding.