Whats Happening ?

Still no wheels on my wagon BUT!

Hilary and Adrian make the long journey to Blist’s Hill Victorian Village Museum to collect the cast iron wheels for the tub-boat construction project.  The Foundry master, Roger Fewrell, had earlier in the week ‘phoned to say that he had finished casting the wheels, (ten of them),  and they were ready to be picked up.

It was quiet a foggy start to the journey but soon the sun burned it off and the rest of the day was bright , sunny and pleasantly warm.  When Hilary and Adrian reached the foundry they found Roger and his colleague in the process of re-ling the internal walls of the blast furnace with fire clay, a process which has to be undertaken at least once a week   If molten iron comes in contact with the steel casing it will burn right through it.

Roger stopped what he was doing in order to hand over the wheels and explained how he had made them.  He said that because of the thick boss at the centre of the wheel it was very difficult to get an even cast because of the way in which molten iron flows and the speed with which it sets.  Several of the wheels he first made were disasters and he had to rethink how to go about successfully casting them.  Although he did explain how he achieved success I got lost in the technicalities.  The wheels are fine though, which is all the matters.

The next task is to have holes bored through the centres of the wheels to accommodate axles.