Whats Happening ?

Sunday March 21st

Alistair, Adrian and Barry continue preparing to hang the first gate.  Unfortunately some of the wood is found to be rotten.  It is cut out and replaced with new, held in place with the same very fast-setting adhesive Alistair had used to set the collar fixings in place.

Since no proper lifting eye is available for hoisting the gate a sling is modified and eventually all is ready for the lift.  As Alistair begins to raise up the gate it is noticed that the strain is opening up a large split in the horizontal beam across the top of the gate.  Emergency bolting has to be undertaken and lifting is tried for a second time.

Two friends who came along to watch get ‘volunteered’ to hold ropes whist the gate is swung over the lock chamber

 Although the gate is slightly out of balance, due to being widened, it is quite easily manoeuvred and Alistair gently lowers the gate into its proper position. Initially the gate does not align with its cup but after a little levering and tweaking it finally slides home.   Brilliant!